Our Vision:

To provide distinctive, high quality and reliable railways transportation services to meet the expectations and aspirations of our customers and contribute to society and economic growth.

Our Mission:

To establish and operate an effective and safe railway infrastructure that contributes in linking and developing different areas within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the use of foreign experiences and Saudi national staff to minimise the consumption rates of energy resources in the transportation sector and reduce incidents rates.

Our Values:

Safety and Security: Safety and security are our top priorities

The desire for excellence: Initiative, creativity and perseverance, and challenge are the spirit that makes up our approach to performing any work

Customer Focus: Any work we do starts and ends with the customer, and we aim to exceed their expectations

Loyalty: The sense of belonging, mutual trust and teamwork are the attributes that define our work environment

Achievement: The sense of accomplishment is the fuel that leads us to complete any work in record time in order to enhance our ability to excel and compete

Ethics: The framework that governs all of our dealings amongst ourselves and with others in an atmosphere of honesty, integrity and honor.