"SAR" Freight Trains

For fast, safe and more efficient transportation

"SAR" owns one of the ten longest freight trains in the world, "SAR" freight trains enables national industries and contribute to achieving the Kingdom's 2030 vision of becoming a global logistics hub to connect the three continents.


The "freight trains- minerals" have contributed to the transportation of millions of tons of minerals, such as phosphate in addition to Hazardous substances such as (molten sulfur and phosphoric acid) from the north of the Kingdom, and bauxite from the central regions of the Kingdom to its final destination in Ras al-Khair Industrial Port in the Eastern Province, and from there to the world with a capacity of over 11 million tons annually over a 2,700 km railway network line.


"SAR" also provides, by its "freight-cargo trains", freight services between 9 different destinations in the east, center and north of the Kingdom. Freight trains annually carry about 350 thousand containers, which is more than 80% of the incoming containers to the Riyadh region through Dammam Port.


"SAR" Freight Railway Network has been adopting the advanced European system "ETCS L2" (the advanced European system ETCS L2) the railway network is the world’s longest integrated line that uses this advanced European system to enhance the safety of the rail traffic by reducing human error rate to zero, by effectively increase the reliability of the rail transportation. Freight trains contribute to reduce the burden on the main road networks as "SAR" was able to replace more than 800,000 lorries/year from the road network, through high-quality and sustainable solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors.


Freight services by trains

  1. Containers
  2. Chemicals
  3. Grains
  4. Cement
  5. Sand
  6. Iron
  7. Refrigerated items
  8. Vehicles

Business Development Unit in "SAR":

Aim to provide logistical solutions and commercial services, developing and enhancing investment opportunities related to the rail transportation services, as "SAR" has the qualified expertise in providing its customers with comprehensive transport services that cover all types of transport, passengers, cargo, heavy transport of minerals, petroleum, petrochemicals, and container transport, through an integrated and safe transport network according to the highest international standards.