Transport General Authority


The Transport General Authority (TGA) regulates the public transport industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through its work, the TGA assures the correct operations and management of all facilities and equipment within the transportation industry. It ensures all transportation services operate to a professional standard and at an appropriate cost, whilst also encouraging investment in accordance with the socio-economic objectives linked to Vision 2030


Train Passengers Rights Protection Regulation

The TGA is responsible for supervising the quality and efficiency of all rail transportation in the Kingdom. The TGA issues licences to all rail transportation operators, and is concerned with the development of services including partnerships with the private sector locally and internationally within the overall framework of the National Transportation Strategy.

In 2018, the TGA introduced its Train Passengers Rights Protection Regulation (TPRPR), which outlines the rules and levels of service that all passenger rail operators in the Kingdom must abide by.

You can download the TGA’s Train Passengers Rights Protection Regulation in full by clicking on the below link.


SAR’s Passenger Charter

SAR’s Passenger Charter goes hand in hand with the TGA Train Passenger Rights and Protection Regulations, and explains the contract you have with us when you buy a ticket and use it to travel.