2,400 km long of railway links the Kingdom's northern border to both the central region and the eastern coast. From the capital Riyadh, a railway track kicks off towards the north down to Qurayyat on the Jordanian border, passing through Majma’a, Qassim, Hail and Jouf. From the phosphate mine sites in Hazm Al-Jalameed near Arar in the northern border region kicks off another track towards the south to connect with the initial track near Al-Jouf and continues to cross the region between Hail and Qassim, then diverts to a new eastward track passing through the bauxite mines of Al-Baitha in the Qassim region, all the way to the processing and export facilities of “Ma’aden” in Ras Al-Khair on the Arabian Gulf.

This track pushes its way across long and arduous stretches of sandy desert terrain that, in turn, called for the removal of huge     quantities of sand, in addition to passing through remote areas far from urban centers and highways. This posed extra difficulties for the delivery of plant and equipment as well as providing the resources and supplies needed for the execution of works in this project.

Nevertheless, the Government of the Kingdom - May God protect it – has placed this project on top of its priorities for many reasons, the most important of which is support of the mining industry, which has become the third pillar of Saudi industries along with the government’s keen interest in the development of the transport sector and improving its working environment by providing alternatives for passenger travel and freight that feature comfort, safety and the availability of natural resources of energy.

These inputs have crystallized our direction for the implementation of this mega project by dividing it into work zones to be implemented in parallel to be completed in the shortest possible time. Also it enabled us to build a quality experience for us in (SAR) and other Saudi companies in the implementation of these projects by utilizing international expertise in the industry and encouraging the establishment of alliances between Saudi and international companies to compete for its implementation. This rail network encompasses main project and further expansion.