In line with the massive development of the mining industry and the establishment of an integrated industrial city dedicated to serve this industry in addition to the steady growth of the output of the petrochemical sector, in the course of implementation of the North Railway Project, Government of the Kingdom – May God protect it – has predicted the need to expand coverage of the rail network in support of these two important pillars to the Saudi national economy.

Accordingly, it was resolved to approve the creation of a package of expansion projects to achieve this goal.  The Saudi Railway Company (SAR) was commissioned the implementation of this package as part of the North Railway Project.  These expansion projects are divided into two sections:

Eastern Section:

This section connects the processing and export facilities at Ras Al-Khair port in the Eastern Province with King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam, passing through the industrial city of Jubail and King Fahad Industrial and Commercial Ports, in addition to the establishment of an internal network at the Industrial City of Jubail.

Upon completion, these projects will support the facilities of petrochemicals industries in Jubail in terms of delivery of raw materials and transfer of products to different local markets and ports for export through cross-linking this network with the North Railway Project.

Due to the fact that the Saudi Government was keen to have these projects completed as soon as possible, SAR adopted the strategy duly applied to the North Railway Project, and, accordingly, this network was divided into three projects:

1.     Ras Al-Khair - Jubail Railway (CTW 110)

SAR seeks to link the Industrial City of Jubail and Ras Al-Khair Mining City to a railway line for the transfer of industrial products between these two cities, whereby products of the phosphate factories will be transferred from the city of Ras Al-Khair to the city of Jubail, and petrochemical materials needed by the city of Ras Al-Khair petrochemical factories will be transferred from the city of Jubail.

2.     Jubail - Dammam Railway (CTW120)

Through this project, cities of Jubail and Dammam will be linked with a 107 km long railway.  This line will provide commercial transport services between the ports of the Industrial City of Jubail and shipping facilities of the Saudi Railways Organization. It will also transfer products of the Industrial City of Jubail to King Fahd Industrial Port and from there to the various local markets through the North Railway Project.
Contract for the implementation of this project was awarded to a consortium consisting of Terna SA Company and Al-Omair Trading and Contracting Company for. 

3.     Railway Network within the Industrial City of Jubail (CTW 130)

In coordination with the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, industrial facilities at the city of Jubail will be linked to Jubail commercial port, King Fahd Industrial port,   King Abdulaziz port in Dammam, and Ras Al-Khair industrial facilities. For this purpose, an agreement No. (27-039-26) dated 13/11/2012 was entered into between the Royal Commission and SAR for the allocation of land and corridors for the establishment and operation of this railway network within the industrial city of Jubail.

Northern Section:

This section connects the mining city of Wa’ad Al-Shamal on the northern border with both Turaif and Al-Jawf.
The railway connecting the city of Wa’ad Al-Shamal and ancillary buildings (CTW 320 & Buildings)