Save up to 55% when you book in advance


Buy your train ticket in advance on our website or mobile app and get the best value Business Class and Economy Class fares.  

You’ll save up to 55% when you book in advance versus the cost of buying a ticket at the station!

Advance tickets are great value one-way fares but have limited availability.  Book ahead to take advantage of these great deals!
Advance ticket benefits

•    Advance tickets start from as little as 60 SR

•    A new batch of tickets are released every week and are subject to availability.  Get yours now; when they’re gone they’re gone!

•    The earlier you book, generally the cheaper the price.  Buy your tickets at least 3 weeks in advance for the best deals.

•    Bookings can be made up to 12 weeks ahead of travel.

•    Available for Economy and Business Class travel, including concessions such as Child, Student and Disabled tickets.
Check out our great Advance tickets prices – get them before they go!

Riyadh to Qassim

(Adult Economy)
From 90  SR49%  save

Majmaah to Riyadh

(Adult Economy)
From 60 SR43%  save

Riyadh to Hail

(Adult Economy)
From 140 SR35%  save

Qassim to Majmaah

(Adult Economy)
From 60 SR33%  save

Hail to Majmaah

(Adult Economy)
From 115 SR38%  save

Qassim to Hail

(Adult Economy)
From 60 SR55%  save

Jauf to Riyadh

(Adult Economy)
From 220  SR24%  save

Majmaah to Jauf

(Adult Economy)
From 200  SR25%  save

Qassim to Jauf

(Adult Economy)
From 140 SR39%  save

Jauf to Hail

(Adult Economy)
From 85 SR43%  save

Qassim to Riyadh

(Adult Business)
From 205 SR34%  save

Hail to Qassim

(Adult Business)
From 175 SR20%  save

Hail to Riyadh

(Adult Business)
From 325 SR24%  save

Riyadh to Majmaah

(Adult Business)
From 130 SR21%  save

Majmaah to Qassim

(Adult Business)
From 120 SR17%  save

Majmaah to Hail

(Adult Business)
From 230 SR25%  save

Riyadh to Jauf

(Adult Business)
From 345 SR25% save

Majmaah to Jauf

(Adult Business)
From 320 SR29% save

Jauf to Qassim

(Adult Business)
From 290 SR28%  save

Hail to Jauf

(Adult Business)
From 220 SR15%  save

Advance Ticket terms and conditions

All prices quoted are one way.  Advance tickets are subject to availability.
The lowest fares are available 21 days in advance of travel and are available to purchase online / on app only.
Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT.  Terms and conditions apply.