Disabled tickets are available for those people for whom travelling by train may be difficult due to their disability.


Registered disabled customers and cancer patients are eligible to save 50% off the adult ticket price in both our Business and Economy coaches*.

One Carers ticket per disabled customer is also available at the same price, when purchased together*.
Assisted travel

We are committed to meeting the travelling needs of our customers with disabilities.  We recognise the challenges faced by disabled customers and that these may require us to adjust the way we provide our service.

Where practical we will provide equipment at our stations, and on our trains to enable staff to make these reasonable adjustments to ensure excellent service for our customers with disabilities.
Access arrangements

All of our trains, built in Spain by CAF conform to European accessibility requirements, and access to each of the stations we operate is consistent due to a combination of station design and the level of staff employed at each station.

Assistance for customers
Our staff will make necessary arrangements to assist customers with disabilities or restricted mobility, including:

•    Customers with visual or auditory impairments or learning disabilities;
•    Customers who have a short or long term mobility impairment;
•    Customers with hidden disabilities which may not immediately be apparent to others;
•    Customers who are travelling with disabled children in  pushchairs or wheelchairs;
•    Customers who are elderly.

Customers can expect:

•    Assistance from a member of staff getting on or off trains, or climbing stairs;
•    Assistance entering or leaving the station from/to the vehicle drop off point or car park;
•    Assistance from a member of staff for those who are blind or visually impaired;
•    Wheelchair assistance to or from the train;
•    To be able to book a ticket with access to a dedicated space for wheelchairs.

Wheelchair spaces and accessible toilets on our trains
As our trains are fully reservable, seat reservations are compulsory with SAR including for those people with disabilities.  We provide the facility to reserve wheelchair spaces and a carer seat on all our services.  This can be arranged by calling the Customer Contact Centre on 920000329.
You’ll find two accessible toilets on board our day trains and we have two designated wheelchair spaces per day train.  Our night train has one accessible toilet and one designated wheelchair space in our seated accommodation.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.
Unfortunately, our Private Sleeper Cabins are not suitable for customers in wheelchairs.
Terms and conditions
*Disability ID Card or Medical Report (for Cancer Patients) required.  Two wheelchair spaces are available per day train (one per night train), located in the Business Universal carriages.  Wheelchair spaces will be allocated on first come, first served basis.  Economy Disabled customers, requiring a wheelchair space will be relocated to the Business Universal carriage, but will not receive the station or onboard services provided to Business Class customers.  One Carers ticket priced at the same rate as the Disabled ticket (Economy and Business) will be allocated per disabled customer.