City of Hail

The city of Ha’il (also Hail) is the headquarters of the Emirate of Hail, the administrative and regional capital of the region, and covers an urban area of around 648 km square, with a population of 464,000 people.
Hail is located in the Jabal Aja area, west of Adayra Valley. In its heart lies the well of Samah, renowed for its abundant and fresh water. The city extends in the form of an arch around Jabal as Samra and is bordered to the north and west by Jabal Aja.
Hail’s climate is continental desert, hot dry in summer whereas it is cold and wet in winter. The temperature reaches 45°C in summer and drops to -3°C in winter.
Hail is home to a number of government and official departments, as well as many sub-banks, companies and institutions.
University of Hail
The University of Hail was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Education by Royal Decree in 2005. The adopted teaching language of the university is English, with all subjects delivered in English apart for Islamic and Arabic studies.
Hail offers a number of public and private hospitals, including: Hail Hospital, King Khalid Hospital, Salamat Medical Hospital, Hail New General Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital and The Mental Health Hospital.
Cultural sites
Several cultural associations have been established in the city of Hail, including the Literary Club, the Cultural Society, the Story Club, Al-Saif Cultural Forum, and the Fahad Al Arifi Library, which includes many heritage sites that attract tourists. The most important of these are: Al Samra Amusement Park, Al Qashla Palace, Airaf Castle, Al Maghawah Park, Jebel Hail, Mushar National Park, Derbid Zubaidah Pools, Hatima Volcano, Turan Area, and Jeannine Mountain and Cave.
Tourist Sites
The city plays host to the annual “Hail International Rally” that is known as “Al Nufud Al Kabir Challenge”.The rally is held in the desert of Al Nufud Al Kabir near Hail. It was launched for the first time in 2006 and covers 450 km, divided into 2 tours, 225 km each.
The city of Hail is considered as a great service provider, as it is a centre for the service, administrative and commercial activities in the Kingdom. It also includes within its borders an industrial zone that includes many different craft workshops.