Al Qassim, located centrally within the Kingdom, is said to be the wealthiest area in Saudi Arabia.

The region is split by the Rummah Valley, and is flanked by the main cities including Buraidah (the region’s capital city), Unaizah and Ar Rass.
Al Qassim is an ideal destination for a short break or weekend getaway. During your visit, you must taste delicious dates indigenous to the region, explore the unique heritage, appreciate traditional handicrafts and take in a visit to a local souk market.
Dates City
A shopping trip to the Al Qassim dates market is an unforgettable experience, especially when you visit during the harvest season in August and September.  The date city has the main market in Buraidah, where the Dates Annual Festival is organised.  Additionally, there are markets for selling perennial and seasonal dates.
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Water Tower
The three-storey water tower in Buraidah is considered a distinctive landmark and tourist attraction for the region.  It comprises an open floor at the top, with a 1,000 square meter reception hall including a balcony allowing visitors to take panoramic views in across the city.
Buraidah Museum
The Buraidah Museum is home to a well-preserved collection of artifacts including collections belonging to the late King Abdul-Aziz Bin Adbul-Rahman Al-Saud, the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
The museum includes a number of exhibits allowing visitors to learn about the culture and social activities of the city’s past.  Various publications are also contained within the library.
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Museum of Al-Dubaikhi Heritage Palace
This museum was once an old house owned by an Al Qassim resident, and tells a story of heritage through the style of architecture as well as many of the artifacts displayed inside. 
Like many of the older buildings that have been preserved in the city, this museum is evidence that the people of Al Qassim appreciate the rich heritage of the past while keeping up with the need for modern development.
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Buraidah Public Park
This beautiful park occupies 49,000 square meters and features a swimming pool, fountains, waterfalls, café, children’s playground and basketball court and is a great day out for the whole family.
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Shopping in Al Qassim
Visitors can shop for unique antiques, textiles and traditional arts in Al Qassim’s main cities Buraidah and Unaizah. There are many souks located around the region where you can find souvenirs to take home and treasure.
There are also many shopping malls in the Al Qassim region offering a wide selection of international brands including Al-Othaim Mall (Buraidah), Al Nakheel Mall (Buraidah), and Sahara Mall (Ar Rass).
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The largest camel market in the world
The camel has a very special place in Bedouin culture, and located towards the outskirts of Buraidah, you will find the world’s largest camel market.  The market opens at 6am each day, and sales are conducted through public auction, a site definitely not to be missed whilst in Al Qassim.  The market also provides other types of livestock, such as sheep and goats and there are stalls selling leather products and commodities such as wool blankets. 
The camel market is a true integration of past and present Saudi Arabia, and an excellent way to experience Arabian culture.
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