Majmaah, is a city located within Ar Riyad province, and incorporates a number of small towns and village dwellings including Harmah, Wushai, Al’Hair and Juwai.

The city is covered with green trees and plants during the spring, which makes it a national tourist attraction. 
Al-Mez’el Family Museum
Al-Mez’el Family Museum is located in the Al-Margab neighbourhood, in the center of Majmaah.  It is an old mud building consisting of two floors with 13 rooms.
Collectables within the museum are on display within the rooms and corridors.  The museum includes traditional women’s and men’s clothing, cooking pots, lighting tools, incense burners, agricultural tools, school books and manuscripts.
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Majmaah University
Majmaah University was founded in 2009, and its main campus is located in the south of the city in close proximity to SAR’s station.
The university has around 20 buildings and academic areas including education, science, medicine, computer sciences, information technology and business administration.
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