City of Majmaah

Majmaah is the centre of the governorate of Majmaah, the administrative capital of Sudair province in Najd and its largest city, located north of the city of Riyadh, with a population of around 60,000 people.
Majmaah is located 180 km north-west of Riyadh on the Riyadh-Sudair-Qassim highway. It is around 140 kilometers away from Al-Qassim, 300km from Hafr al-Batin and 85km from Shaqra city, thus mediating the cities and villages of Hajra governorate, which has given it a great strategic location.
Majmaah’s climate is hot in summer and mild in winter, with a maximum summer temperature of 41°C, a relative humidity level of 34%, and a winter temperature of 13°C.
All the central government departments in the province are located in Majmaah City. In addition, it has branches in some of its cities and villages, as well as a number of sub-banks, companies and various institutions.
Majmaah University
The State has endeavored to extend the number of university campuses into the governorates and not to limit them to major cities. Further to this approach, Majmaah University was established in 2009. One of the most modern universities in Saudi Arabia, it boasts 13 different colleges with its main campus in Majmaah City and other faculties located in Al-Zulfi, Al-Ghat, Al-Ramah, and H̨awţah Sudayr.
The University attracts students from a large geographic area including several governorates, cities and deserted areas, to complement public education, and to enhance the education system throughout the Kingdom.
King Khalid University Hospital
Located in Majmaah, King Khalid Hospital serves more than 125,000 people, covering many medical specialties such as pediatric care, boarding, women and childbirth, rest, and intensive care departments spread across 11 health centres.
Cultural Monuments
Majmaah is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Riyadh region. It has many geographical, historical, cultural and heritage charms.
The governorate is full of monuments, of which the most important include: Heritage Village in the historic center of the complex, Mount Minikh Archaeological Observatory, Al Rabiah Palace, Al Askar Palace, King Abdul Aziz Palace, Al Sanea School, Education History Exhibition and Al Majmaah Museum.
Majmaah also hosts a number of parks and gardens which are well worth a visit, such as Rawdat Hatabah, Rawdat Mezireah, Rawdat Sadh’a, al- Majmmah’s Dam Park, King Fahad Park, Urban Field, and Mountain Park.