Ticketstailored just for you

SAR offers a range of ticket types to suit your individual travel needs. Handpick the ticket that is right for you, and add extras such as baggage, meals or lounge access to personalize your experience with SAR.


Economy ClassEconomy SaverEconomy
Onboard baggage1 x Cabin (10kg)1 x Cabin (10kg)
1 x Medium (25kg)
Checked baggageNot includedNot included
Seat selectionNot includedFREE
Change booking50% charge20% charge
Cancel booking75% charge40% charge
No Show100% charge50% charge
Business ClassBusinessBusiness Premium
Onboard baggage1 x Cabin (10kg)
1 x Medium (25kg)
1 x Cabin (10kg)
1 x Medium (32kg)
Checked baggageNot included1 x Large (32kg)
Seat selectionFREEFREE
Lounge accessNot includedFREE
Onboard mealNot includedFREE
Change booking20% chargeFREE
Cancel booking40% charge15% charge
No Show50% charge30% charge
  • Modifications can be made to tickets up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Cancellations can be made to tickets up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time.
  • No show rates will apply to ticket cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance and up to 24 hours after the scheduled departure time.

Ticket Types

Waiting List Tickets

Waiting List tickets are available to purchase from all SAR stations when the train you plan to travel on is fully booked.

Waiting List tickets are ideal for those customers who need to travel on the next available service, but all seats have already been taken.

Our Waiting List tickets are available to purchase from one hour prior and until 10 minutes before the train departure time in either Business Class or Economy Class from the Station Ticket Office.

Tickets are allocated without a seat number in the applicable class of travel, and Waiting List ticket holders must wait in an identified area of the station until the boarding gate has closed (5 minutes before departure), when provided the number of Waiting List ticket holders is lower or equal to the number of non-boarded passengers, ticket holders will then be permitted to board the train.

Once onboard the train, Waiting List ticket holders will be directed to an unoccupied seat in the equivalent class of travel by the Train Captain.

In the event that when the Boarding Gate closes, there are more Waiting List ticket holders than non-boarded customers, you will be able to obtain a 100% refund on your ticket or moved to the next available service.

Ticket Types

Passenger Types



Adult tickets are for those people aged 12 years and above

Can travel alone?Yes
Discount in Economy ClassNo
Discount in Business ClassNo
Can select Concession?Yes



Our Child tickets are for children aged between 2 and 11 years.

Can travel alone?With at least 1 Adult (16+ years)
Discount in Economy Class50%
Discount in Business Class20%
Can select Concession?No



For infants (0-1 years) tickets are allocated in Economy Class and Business Class without a seat reservation

Can travel alone?With Adult (16+ years) at a ratio of 1:1
Discount in Economy Class100% (Free)
Discount in Business Class80%
Can select Concession?No

Concession Types

  • Disabled & Cancer Patients

    Registered disabled customers and cancer patients are eligible to save 50% off the adult ticket price in Economy Class.

    One Carers ticket per disabled or cancer patient customer is also available at the same price, when purchased together.

    To use the disabled & cancer patient discount simply select "Disabled and Cancer Patients" from the Select Concession Discount section on our website or mobile app when buying your ticket, and then present an accredited Disability ID Card or Medical Report (for Cancer Patients) to our staff before boarding the train to validate your ticket.

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